About Peanut Press

What books did I read last year?

This is a question I ask myself often, and trying to keep track via Goodreads didn’t give me enough insight into what I read. Peanutpress started as a passion of mine, and it’s fueled by my love for reading.

Books open an entire new world to me.

And there are some books that can be life-changing. You know the type: a book that speaks to your exact position in life, a book that somehow describes everything you’re feeling even though the author has no idea you even exist.

Or a book that makes your brain and soul feel whole. A book that is so vivid, you can see the scenes flash before your eyes, the characters become long lost friends whose story has ended, and you could pinpoint the book’s location on sights, sounds and smells.

Books are magical.

Peanutpress is my attempt (my name’s Jennifer by the way) to be able to relive every book I’ve read, and share my own opinions with the world. The odd thing is that I read a little of everything from self-help books to books on ancient Rome, and of course, a few Nicholas Sparks titles sit on my shelves, too.

Wait! Who Are You Anyway?

Good question. I’m Jennifer – a mother of two that tries to escape inside of books every now and again. Don’t get me wrong: I love my family, but everyone needs a moment where they can escape.

A former English teacher, I have a natural love affair with books.

In essence, I’m a mom that simply love books. I am not a famous editor or author. I am simply a book nerd that likes to escape once in a while with my nose in a book and a bookmark in my pocket.

So if you can relate, drop me a line and tell me what you’re reading, too.