Eat That Frog: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating

Eat that frog

Everyone has a frog, and eating that frog is the best thing you can do to stop procrastinating. And if you’re wondering, we’re not talking about a real life frog – yuck. Eat That Frog is a book by the influential and motivational author Brian Tracy.

21 Chapters of Actionable Fun

Yes: fun. Procrastination is a time-killer, and Tracy has a way of making getting over that frog fun and exciting. Every chapter presents a new idea, tip and technique that will help you overcome that inner laziness that keeps you on the couch at night instead of in the gym.

And let’s face it, we procrastinate in everything that we do.

Eat That Frog is the name of the book, but it is also one of the main concepts that is taught within the book. The name comes from a Mark Twain quote that explains if you eat a frog in the morning, you won’t have a worse event during the day.

Confusing at first, the idea is to overcome your bigger challenge first thing in the morning.

A challenge or frog can be anything:

  • A difficult client
  • Exercising
  • Signing divorce papers

Your frog can be anything that keeps you from making the most out of your day. Brian Tracy explains that everyone has a frog that keeps them stuck in limbo not doing what will make them most productive.

Now, I also want to make a quick note that Eat That Frog is also on audio, so you can listen to it in the car, doctor’s office or when you’re cooking.

A best-seller on Amazon, the book has helped 1.5 million people learn how to get more done in less time. What’s most fascinating about Eat That Frog is that Tracy knows how to make it relatable to the reader.

You must be selective in your choices, and this trait allows you to learn and understand what is causing you to lose focus, get side tracked or simply not make the most of your time.

And if there are two frogs, the rule of thumb is to eat the ugliest frog first. You know, those tasks that keep you up at night and find a way to eat at your soul. The tasks that have a way of manifesting into an entire entity that forces you to avoid and stop taking actions you know will better you in the long run.

Brian Tracy has a way with words. When reading Eat That Frog, you’ll overflow with anger because every word written relates to something everyone does in their life: procrastinates. Time management and overcoming these “roadblocks” of life are what Brain Tracy aims to teach in the most actionable manner possible.

Revolutionary isn’t the best way to describe Eat That Frog, but the way it’s explained is revolutionary.

Eat That Frog is a clear winner in my book, and it has helped everyone from new moms to teachers, university professors and CEOs get motivated to do more in less time.